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All content is delivered in Digital Cinema Package. The gatekeeper at your cinema will be responsible for adding the content to the playlist.

Always the best quality

For every template on Butler Film, a staff member from our Post Production House has approved the entire setup and quality.

You set the rules

Once a template is approved, you run the show. Let the local company fill out their template weekly or monthly with updated images, videos and text.

2 minutes is all it takes

Simply integrate your personal Butler Film FTP account directly into your cinema system, for easy access to your latest content. Just drag and drop into the playlist.

Monetize your ad-space

Did you know that your digital cinema screen is worth between $90 to $1400 per month for 10 seconds of advertisment. With BUTLER.FILM you have the capability to sell personale customizable templates to your local advertisers in your community.

Simplicity is the key

Needless to say, we deliver content within seconds or minutes. And it's so simple that any person in your supply chain can manage Butler Film production.

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