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Designers in mind

Your Cinema content tool for the future

Creative Individuals

The world is full of potential that will rock the cinema screens. Give away a part of yourself by distributing your content to cinemas worldwide. No limits... wouldn't that be awesome!

Ad agency

Maybe you already deliver pre-show content for cinemas or maybe it's a business opportunity awaiting you. Either way, with Butler Film you can now offer your clients the possibility of customizable Digital Cinema content. Just think about your value proposition - your work can be reused hundreds of times by your clients. Perfect for local advertising.

Promote yourself

It's your cinema and you need to sell as many tickets and as much popcorn as possible. This is for you! We can help you create your personal show reel with your brand identity, which you can reuse.

Film promotion

Everyone from Lucas Films to the smallest art studio should take advantage of Butler Film, and create content for international use.

Event Cinema

Opera, Ballet, Concert, Theater, Gaming or Talks. They all need the extra attention, and obviously costumizable premiere dates. We're ready to help.

Film Distributors

New movies come out every week. Give your trailers and teaser a new dimension by letting the cinemas add local premiere dates or other relevent massages to the audience in the cinema.

A new way of thinking Digital Cinema Marketing

Low cost and high flexibility

Guidelines for template submission

We only accept After Effects file

after effects

AE file

It must be cleaned for hidden layers and in nice composition order.
Deliver After Effect project as a "Collect files" (the option is under File -> Dependencies -> Collect files... inside After Effect). Please also zip it.

Video format

In 2K Scope (2.39:1) presentation 2048×858 pixel
This is the absolute best and most immersive cinema format

Audio format

Surround sound 5.1
remember to take full advantage of immersive sounddesign in a Cinema
Does a Digital Cinema Package Have to Have Surround Sound?

AE plugins

If the AE composition contains plug-in effects, these layers must be rendered in seperate layers

Specify who can access the template

Whether it is all members, a specific country or just one cinema

Don't worry about Digital Cinema Package

You design the layout and animations in After Effects CC and pinpoint the customizable fields.
We will convert to Digital Cinema Package!
Learn What is Digital Cinema Package

Use Butler Film as a part of your business model

Get in touch if you have any questions, or want to showcase your content for further collaboration.

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