Hello world

Why Butler Film?

For many years we have been working in cinemas, both small and large cinemas.

Ever since the cinema business went digital around 2010 in Denmark we felt the need to create homemade digital content for the big screen.

Hence this product!

Often we needed a DCP video promoting an event, upcoming film or talk or even popcorn and soda on sale, that could be aired in front of the audience during the preshow.

We needed to make this content on the fly... in just 2 minutes

So we build this system and content database that we wish to keep growing as more and more cinemas join us.

Please support us by signing up for free and start using the content.

And last but not least, give us your feedback so we can improve :-)

Best regards from Denmark

Asbjorn Rossau and Mathias Bastholm

The creators

Contact information

  • Big Screen Design IVS
  • c/o DIVO Post Production
  • Svend Trøsts Vej 19
  • 1912 Frederiksberg C
  • Denmark
  • VAT number: DK-38 28 97 64

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  • IBAN: DK6853570000247312